what is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a vitalistic, rather than mechanistic, approach to health that focuses on the body’s natural ability to heal. This innate healing potential also helps to regulate all of the body’s functions (heartbeat, breathing, digestion) as well as deal with the stresses of everyday life. This potential is communicated through the body by the nervous system. The nervous system also helps relay information received from the outside environment, in order to appropriately adapt and respond. The main link of the nervous system, the spinal cord, is housed and protected by the spinal column. Due to the stresses of life; interference factors occur within this communication network, causing dysfunction of the body and a hindrance in the healing process.

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"what does chiropractic do for me?"

The purpose of chiropractic is to locate interferences, then use an adjustment to restore the natural balance of tone. Adjustments typically involve a quick and precise impulse to a specific area of the body. An adjustment is a process that should be completed at a point of ease: free of tension, anxiety, and doubt. Once the natural balance of tone has been restored, a person can be reconnected with their true potential and have a fully functioning nervous system. With the nervous system operating at an optimum capacity, the body can effectively and efficiently adapt and thrive in its environment. Chiropractic empowers people to know they are in charge of their own health and state of well-being.

how is my approach unique?

My approach to chiropractic includes a global examination of the body to find the focal points of your issue. By examining for discrepancies in tone, I locate interference within the body. Looking at all the tissues of the body (bone, muscles, and connective tissue), I search for the most effective and efficient way to remove interference. This global approach at balancing tone takes Chiropractic to a new understanding.


Integrating the latest discoveries in anatomy, physiology and physics, I maintain an endlessly-evolving technique to better suit your needs. I take an individual and unique approach to every person that comes in, as well as on each of their visits; providing an adjustment that is designed to work with you, not to you. This allows for a more comfortable, positive and beneficial healing experience.


The art of an effective adjustment is mastered, like every skill, through training and repetition. I put in the time and effort outside of the office to make sure that when you come to see me, it’s not practice. This ensures I am ready and able to be present and contribute at the highest possible level. My passion for Chiropractic is second only to my dedication to helping people realize a more full and natural outlook on their health. I look forward to contributing in any way that I can to everyone who walks into my office.

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