"With Dr. Derek it was different. He doesn’t seem to be pushing me out of the room as soon as I get there. We are able to talk a bit and he asks questions related to how my week is going and if there is any pain. The crazy thing is that my sleep has significantly improved. Wasn’t an expectation he gave me, but I get into a much deeper sleep now. I’m typically a light sleeper, and have tracked my sleep for over a year. Now, although I still sleep light, I get significantly time in deep sleep than before. I also rarely have back pain. I currently go once a week and seriously am surprised at how different I feel.

I recommend him to anyone looking to find a quality chiropractor."


"Dr. Derek Garcia is bringing me to a whole new level. I had to have 5 major surgeries that just made my life unbearable for a very long time. In just one treatment he was able to get the pressure down in my head and bring much more movement to my neck even after a triple fusion. I am AMAZED. I almost feel human...thank you Dr. D. Love you doc."


"I have been to several chiropractors and other doctors to deal with an old softball injury I have had for 13 years. Doctor Derek is the first doctor that has ever made any progress with my injury. I believe this is because his thorough approach to chiropractic health. I’m going once a week to get an adjustment and I am seeing major changes in how I’m feeling in both body and mind. I have more energy, my stress levels are down and I’m sleeping better. Doctor Derek genuinely cares about the health of his patients; he provides affordable chiropractor care, because he is passionate about all people being able to get adjusted regularly. I recommend him to everyone I know." 

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