What Is Quantum Chiropractic?

Quantum Chiropractic is a multi-technique approach that focuses on balancing tone within the body. By integrating quantum mechanics with traditional Chiropractic philosophy, art, and science, a unique approach to the human biofield has been formed.


All matter, at its most basic level, is vibrational energy. It is the philosophy of Quantum Chiropractic that the intention of the Universe is that we adapt, thrive and evolve. All the information and energy we need to experience our life’s journey can be found within the Universal Field of Consciousness. This Field is what connects us all, not only to others, but to a deeper sense of ourselves as well. It is this Unified Field that our healing potential originates from, and that allows us to connect with our authentic expression. Quantum Chiropractic seeks to harmonize our connection to the Field in order for us to maximize our life’s expression of health and authenticity.

Potential Energy Theory

All experiences that we encounter in our lives carry with them two things: energy and information. As we encounter these experiences, we integrate them into our being. We use this information as a blueprint for growth, and the energy to propel ourselves through that growth. Integrating experiences helps to increase our complexity and evolve on our journey of life. However, sometimes we cannot, or will not, integrate these experiences. This is due to limitations of our current level of consciousness in regard to the world, our current level of awareness of ourselves or the current complexity of our being. The experience will then be stored as tension in our body, waiting to be integrated later. This eventually results in an increasing imbalance of tone, known as interference factors. As the experience stays non-integrated it builds momentum, creating increasing issues within the body.

What Is the Result of Interference Factors?

The Universe is constantly expanding, and motion is the most basic expression of life. As the non-integrated experiences get stuck in our biofield, they start to disrupt this expression. These interference patterns manifest, physically, as subluxations. The subluxation is the full expression of an old experience stored in the body, waiting to be integrated. They create a tonal imbalance, causing compression or stretching of the nervous system. Due to the energetic nature of the body, this disturbs the harmony between body, mind and spirit. The biochemistry of the body is altered and the electromagnetic biofield expresses an incoherence. Ultimately, it disrupts the communication between brain and body, but more importantly between us and the source of life.. This can manifest, not only in the structure of the body, but in the emotional and mental expression as well. Our healing potential becomes diminished.

Dr. Derek wants to connect with you and help bring balance back into your body, which in turn will help bring other areas of your life into balance as well. Connect with Dr. Derek today by either calling or emailing him directly.

Connection is greater than correction