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Why Would I Need a Chiropractor?

Quote of the Month:

"Seek not just to live, but to live well.”

So many people ask me, do I NEED Chiropractic? The honest answer is, it depends.

People were surviving without Chiropractors for millennia before it was invented in 1896. Now, there were bone setters, and others who worked with the skeletal system to alleviate physical stress. However, Chiropractic was born as a science, philosophy, and an art in 1896.

When people ask me I always laugh, because there is no right answer. Do you need an Audi, or will an Acura suffice? Do you need more than one bathroom? The list of questions is endless. So, as for Chiropractic, do we need it? No, you do not need Chiropractic to survive, but that begs the question: do you want to survive or thrive?

Chiropractic allows your life force to flow through your nerves at 100% potential. Do you want to be operating at 80% or 100%? People often tell me they don’t need Chiropractic care, my question to them is, “what would you do for even a 5% improvement in your overall quality of life?” What is that extra 5% worth?

You will not die if you do not get adjusted, but will you be living up to your true potential? What have you become complacent with in your life? What are you chalking up to “old age” or something similar? I invite you to tap into your innate potential, and test your boundaries of what you think to be true, by living a life Well Adjusted.

Study of the Month:

Differing Leg Lengths Can Cause Hip & Spine Degeneration

Have you ever heard a friend say, “Yeah, I have one leg longer than the other?”

Or, perhaps, you have legs of differing lengths?

Ever thought, deep down, maybe this meant something else in your body might not be right? Like, maybe you had some hip or spine issues that caused the inconsistent leg lengths?

Or, perhaps, the differing leg lengths themselves cause, over time, hip and spine issues?

Well, you may be onto something.

Differing Leg Lengths Cause Hip & Spine Degeneration

Or so says a new study, one published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics.

In the study, researchers from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, set out to investigate whether or not leg length discrepancy (LLD) leads to potential degenerative joint disease (DJD) or osteoarthritis (joint cartilage and bone breakdown).

The team observed 255 adults, which included 134 men and 121 women. They used industry-standard measurement tools to assess two specific parts of the spine: the L4-L5 segment, or the two lowest vertebrae in the spine’s lumbar region; and the L5-S1 segment, or the base of the spine, also known as the lumbosacral joint.

By way of their measurements, researchers found a strong correlation between LLD and hip and lumbar DJD, in both men and women.

In Summary

What’s this mean to you?

Well, if you do suffer from LLD, and you know you do…

It might be a good idea, as a preventative means, to regularly see a chiropractor.

That way, you may be able to better fend off any potential DJD.

Bringing it all Together:

What the study didn't show, but I have seen in the office, is that leg length discrepancy can CHANGE.

People walk into the office with a short (or long) leg and walk out at the end of an adjustment with even leg length. In fact, that is one of my post adjustment checks!

So here is the question: do you want to leave your spinal health, and as a result the state of your nervous system, up to chance? If you have a simple solution for a problem, then it seems reasonable to take care of it. Getting adjusted feels good, helps you heal, and corrects imbalances in your entire body.

Similar to the quote above, I choose to live well. How about you?

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