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Chiropractic Care and Sports Injuries

Are you an athlete? If so, stay tuned...

Not an athlete but still quite physically active? You will also want to stay tuned! 

Do a little yoga, running, or cycling? Yeah, this article can help you, too.

Here’s the thing: Any athlete---or anyone actively participating in a sport or workout program --- understands there’s always a risk of injury.


Those of us that have competed at the very top level of our sport, on “the world’s stage,” dread physical injury, as it renders all that work, all that time, all those hopes and dreams, utterly meaningless.

Those of us that participate in less intense environments fear injury for it often causes separation from our valued social circle. And the concern with those of us that simply “exercise” once in awhile is that an injury will disrupt our routine and prevent our fitness gains.

Well, an intriguing study---one seemingly lost in the viscera of online media since 2009 --- finds that Chiropractic care can indeed prevent sport injury.

Researchers from Australia’s Macquarie University set out to investigate the preventative effect Chiropractic care might have on back, hamstring, and lower limb injuries in semi-elite athletes.

The team observed 59 male Australian Rules football players, who were chosen to participate according to specific injury requirements. The researchers established an intervention group of 28 men, along with a control group of 29 men. Both groups received the current best practice medical and sports science management.

However, the intervention group also received sports Chiropractic intervention. Treatment for members of this group was established on an individual basis, including manipulation and/or mobilization, as well as soft tissue therapies to the spine and extremity.

The trial consisted of one treatment per week for six weeks, one treatment every two weeks for the next three months, and one treatment per month for the remainder of the season (three months).

In fact, the research suggests that Chiropractic care may aid anyone participating in sport or exercise with lower body injury prevention. So, find time (or make time) for Chiropractic care between games, practices, and/or injuries. After all.. maintenance is cheaper than repair...

Once again, science has evidence of what we all innately know: the body has endless potential, when given the opportunity.

When free of interference, the body does some pretty amazing things. Included, but definitely not limited to, preventing sports injuries.

Do you know somebody who suffers from repetitive injuries, or someone trying to get back into shape? 

Do you know someone looking to increase their performance or start reaching for new levels of achievement in their sport?

Do you know someone pushing themselves maybe a little too hard: in the gym, in their school sport, in rec softball league, etc?

Then send them in for some quality, connected Chiropractic care! Don't wait until you or someone you care about can't function any longer. Stay ahead of the curve! Nobody wants to start fixing their roof AFTER it starts leaking.

As always, I Love and Appreciate all of you who take the time to read and refer. Technically I love everyone, but you guys are the ones who just affirmed it by reading this far!!

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