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Chiropractic and Low Back Pain

Did you know that 80% of the population will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives? Also, it is the second leading cause of missing work, the third most common reason for doctor visits, and costs the healthcare industry (really people like you) over 50 BILLION dollars a year. What in the world is going on in our low backs? Why do we spend so much money on this issue? Finally, what can you do to prevent becoming one of the statistics? Read below to find out how!

Chiropractic: Does it Work?

So the number one question I get when out talking to people: does Chiropractic help low back pain? The answer is a resounding YES! As a matter of fact, we have more evidence in support of that statement than almost any other claim we can make. Well how then, does Chiropractic help with low back pain? First, we help with the alignment of the spine. This helps to decrease any tension within your soft tissue (muscles and connective tissue) and reduce inflammation in the area of concern. The physical act of the adjustment also decreases low back pain. Chiropractic then looks at examining the area and finding solutions to permanently get rid of your back pain. When we are aligned, our nervous system sends more effective messages to and from the body. With more effective communication, we begin to relate to our environment more efficiently. This, in turn, allows our body to better handle stress we put on it. Stress from gravity, stress from sitting, stress from chasing kids around the house, stress from working out, and all the other activities that put stress on our body!

Quick Recap of Benefits:

1.    Alignment of the spine 2.    Decrease of tension in soft tissue 3.    Reduced inflammation 4.    Balanced nervous system 5.    Better stress integration

Is Chiropractic Right for Me?

What kind of low back pain can Chiropractic help with? Chiropractic can help herniated discs. Are you tired of getting injections and waiting to see if the pain goes away once the injection wears off? Find a Chiropractor near you and start to get some relief! Chiropractic can also help with sciatica. The sciatic nerve starts at, you guessed it, the spine! Along with that, it traces down through your body and has a few common areas that cause dysfunction. Most of these areas can be addressed with a Chiropractic adjustment. Chiropractic can also help with hip and pelvic pain. These areas have a very close relationship with the lower spine. Numbness and tingling in the legs, you better believe Chiropractic can help there too. In all reality, there are not a lot of conditions in the low back, pelvis, and legs that Chiropractic can’t provide a solution for. Are there other good modalities to go along with Chiropractic? Absolutely, but this is a Chiropractic webpage and we are focusing on those benefits for this blog post. For a few simple exercises you can do anywhere to help with low back pain check the video portion of my website!

Find a drug free solution! Chiropractic can help bring your body back to the state of wholeness it needs to be in to provide lasting benefit. We can be an expensive Tylenol if you are looking for a quick fix, but if you are willing to trust in something you don’t understand yet, it can also become a permanent healing solution. Don’t allow yourself or the ones you care about to become a statistic. If you are suffering with low back pain, give us a call and see how we can become part of your solution.

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