Chiropractic has become recognized by most individual practitioners (MD’s, DO’s, ND’s, etc.) as an excellent approach to correction after a traumatic event. If you have ever witnessed a birth you know that for the baby it is an extraordinarily traumatic event and serious birth trauma is common. Science has clearly shown that babies are conscious, and the concept that they do not experience the trauma of birth is ludicrous. An adjustment delivered to an infant is soft, gentle, and loving and corrects for structural distortions caused by natural delivery and especially assisted delivery with the use of forceps. Delivery by C-section creates a whole different form of remarkably abnormal trauma. Take a moment to consider this! 

The Chiropractic adjustment differs from person to person depending on age, history, complaint, etc. Babies are not adjusted like teenagers, who are not adjusted like mature athletes, who are not adjusted like old timers. To assert that an infant would be adjusted in the same manner as mature individual would strongly suggest the absence of common sense.


Next the infant embarks on a journey of falls, bumps, bruises, and all kinds of assorted traumas associated with growing up. Sometimes kids say they hurt, and it is simply brushed aside as “growing pains”. What if their body is telling them something is wrong. Other than growing pains, adjustments have benefitted adolescents with chronic ear infections, allergies, asthma, and even irritable bowel syndrome. With all of these factors in the child’s journey to adulthood it is only reasonable that chiropractic should play a major role.

This journey soon takes the child into young adulthood, and again it becomes clear how adjustments can help. Most young adults are participating in sports and have more physically demanding adventures. There is the infamous text neck in our technologically driven society, which can actually result in the reversal of the spine’s neck curve. Now if we get into a conversation about sports injuries, especially with girls now being as active as boys in many sports once considered male only, chiropractic goes to the head of the class. In fact, most professional teams now have a chiropractor on staff.


With these mini and maxi traumas of life’s journey we can start to see how the body would lose its balance of tone and proper motion. Chiropractic is not just focused on getting people out of pain, there is so much more benefit to be gained from adjustments! The chiropractic adjustment removes a major interference factor on the path back to optimum health.

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