Tonal Adjustments

The purpose of a tonal adjustment is to help bring awareness to non-integrations in the body and help people grow through the experience. The definition of an adjustment is: a communication of corrective intent through touch. The process starts by forming a connection between the Chiropractor and the person on the table, a simple acknowledgment and appreciation of the person for where they are on their journey of life. Next, a global examination of tension is performed to find the most appropriate area for input. Adjustments vary from a subtle touch and incorporation of breath to the commonly thought of Chiropractic thrust. Most importantly, an adjustment is a process that happens with us, not to us. Once the experience is integrated, learning has occurred and we have progressed along our path of evolution. We have restored the harmony between body, mind and soul.

Spinal adjustments

The spine houses the spinal cord which acts as the main relay system between the brain and the body. It is similar to a breaker box in that it has fuses (the nerve roots) that supply the information and power supply to the rest of the body. When the spine goes out of alignment it starts to interfere with the nervous system communication. Restoring alignment, creating tonal balance, and reconnecting the brain and body are critical to a complete expression of health. On top of the general benefits, spinal adjustments help reduce the risk of degeneration, disc injuries, pain, and nerve symptoms (i.e. sciatica and shoulder or arm pain).

Extremity adjustments

Extremities are extremely complex pieces of anatomy, just like the spine. Dysfunction of extremities can have a huge impact on activities of daily living. Along with decreasing pain and symptoms, general performance in people without any symptoms has been improved from extremity adjustments. Better form, more power, and increased balance are some of the many positive effects extremity adjusting has on a person.  These adjustments are great for things like: carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, and so much more!  Don’t hesitate to see if your lifestyle could be improved through an extremity examination and adjustment.

Dr. Derek wants to connect with you and help bring balance back into your body, which in turn will help bring other areas of your life into balance as well. Connect with Dr. Derek today by either calling or emailing him directly.