Dr. derek

My name is Derek Garcia, and I am a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College. Growing up playing soccer year-round, and even on scholarship throughout college, has helped me appreciate a body that is working at its optimum potential. I acknowledge the body’s natural ability to heal and adapt to stress in the environment. When someone goes into a state of dis-ease or has a maladaptive response, I work with them to facilitate the return of the natural state of health and wellness. Utilizing the skills I have learned through Chiropractic training and education, I have already been blessed to witness the capabilities of human potential, when removed of interference. I strive to help people reconnect with their sense of wellness and achieve any health goals they have.  I look forward to facilitating a return to health to everyone who comes into my office, as well as learning from each appointment and integrating the new knowledge into future visits. If a custom-tailored and natural approach to health makes sense to you, then I would love the opportunity to help you with discovering that process.

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Dr. derek in Haiti

Dr. Derek on a service trip to Haiti in 2016, with a group who was able to bring care to thousands. Pictured here in the middle of a group of kids having recently been adjusted. Yearly trips are one of the many ways Dr. Derek likes to contribute to the greater good of communities near and far.

Giving Back to

the Community

Dr. Derek, pictured here with a soccer team that he volunteered for with a local soccer club, Arson FC. He loves coaching and giving back to the community.


Family & wellness are two of Dr. Derek's highest values in life. When you visit Limitless Chiropractic you will find that the space is very welcoming and inviting for those with children who need to tag along for an appointment or need pediatric Chiropractic care. Through Chiropractic care Dr. Derek has been able to pair his values of family & wellness together not only for his patients but also for his own family. In this photo you can see Dr. Derek adjusting his brother on his wedding. Chiropractic is not just limited to pain care, it can enhance every aspect of your life.“

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Certifications, Awards and Seminars


Doctorate of Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College


Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Rockford University

  • Cum Lade




Recipient of Cleveland Foundation Award

  • Gerred Family Scholarship (2015)

  • Dr. Buell O. Boring Memorial scholarship (2016)

Cleveland Student of the Month (November 2016)

Adjusting Ninjas Club Facilitator

President of Men's Soccer Club

Student Council Club Representative

President of Acupuncture Club

MVP and Captain of Men's Soccer Team at Rockford University



Adjusting Seminar with Dr. Tim Young (Twice)

Focus OKC Philosophy Seminar

Dynamic Essential

Functional Analysis with Dr. Kirk Iodice

Soft Tissue Technique with Dr. Justin Hildebrand

MPI Seminars

  • Adjustathon

  • Sports Summit

  • Disc

  • Pediatrics

  • Upped Dynamic

Seminars (cont'd)​


  • Course A

  • Running

Adjusting Ninjas with Dr. Brett Jones and Dr. Lance Von Stade

  • Level 1 (Three times)

  • Level 2 (Twice)

  • Level 3

  • Facilitator Training Camp

Running and Gait Analysis with Dr. Max Provlovsky and Brett Winchester

FAKTR Soft Tissue with Dr. Greg Doerr

FTMI Taping with Dr. Greg Doerr

MC2 with Dr. Chad Hawk

Momentum Adjusting Seminar with Jay Komarek

Tao of Chiropractic with Dr. John Martinez and Eric Reuben

BGI Level 1 and 2

BGI Workshop with Dr. Katina Manning

The Artful Convention

Extremity Adjusting with Dr. Mitch Mally


  • Dr. Beam's 100 Hours

  • Ariculotherapy